6 Items that Make My Travels Easier

Yes, travel is all about letting go of material things, but there are some we NEED to get through our trips in one piece. From your luggage to your water bottle to your shampoos – these are essentials to get through your one week to one year trips. Here are my favorites!

6 Items that Make My Travels Easier

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    my AWAY LUGGAGE suitcases

    I’ve tried a bunch of suitcases in the past, and these are the best I’ve found so far. They’re super chic and they fit the impossible (somehow they’re hardshell and they expand? It’s magic.) Currently, I have the Away Travel Larger Carry-On and Medium Suitcase in Brick and I love them. I’m considering buying the backpack by my next paycheck but my cheap self is delaying it! It also comes with a Portable Charger that I legit use every day even if I’m not traveling.

    Definitely check out the Away Travel suitcases if you’re on the lookout for a new set of wheels.

    P.S. Not sponsored but you get $20 off with this link; Away Travel!

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    a PACKABLE duffle bag

    As you can see, we got a sock & a La Croix can, so you know it’s really mine LOL. I ordered this $10 bag (SO CHEAP) on Prime to an Amazon Locker near my hotel when I was in a bind and couldn’t fit all my new souvenirs from New York in my carry-on, and it was life-changing.

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    Passport Holder

    This one’s pretty self-explanatory, they’re everywhere, you can get them anywhere.

    PRO TIP: Make sure you buy one with a little hole for a pen, it comes in super handy when you’re filling out customs forms!

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    Blister Bandaids

    TRUST me, you will need them. Especially if you’ll be doing more walking than usual, in different climates. Ahhh, the number of friends I’ve made just by giving them blister bandaids when in need. Life-changing.

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    Travel Book

    My favorite is An Age of License by Lucy Knisley. It’s a graphic novel, so for me, it helps not getting dizzy on a plane from all the reading, and it gets you so excited for your trip ahead!

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    My favorite is the Mineral 89 by Vichy, it’s a little bougie but it gives me a First Class feel in a cramped basic economy seat, and it feels SO good on the skin.

The moisturizer basically summed it up. A combination of my book, my passport holder, my $10 bag, I can make it through my trip in one piece (or technically – a lot of pieces) with a bougie feel and a non-bougie budget.

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