54 Things I'll Miss About New York


Ahhhhh, so now the cat’s out of the bag; I’m leaving the city that’s given me so many great dates, drunken adventures, ridiculous jobs and internships, deep conversations, and most of all, the most exciting time of my life. Thank you for all of the above, New York City. But now, you’ve gotten too noisy, too dirty, and most of all, too distracting.
You know it’s time to shut up and go when you find yourself jaded, bitching about every little thing that used to slip past you every day for four and a half years.

dirty-times-square Exhibit A: a typical day on your evening commute.

One morning, I was leaving the 50th street Uptown station (lingo only a New Yorker would understand) and just as I was gearing up to take my long and fast strides to my desk job, I was hit with a huge bag of “holy $hit, why am I running… am I trying to race these robotic corporate people to their offices? But what the hell are we sprinting for? To answer emails that will patiently be there, to return phone calls that won’t be saving lives, to stress ourselves out for something that won’t matter tomorrow?”
When that happened, I just knew the burning flame that I once had to be a power woman in Manhattan had now become a crispy burnt wick that jaded me more and more each day.
I’ve been juggling the thought of relocating for a while now, since May, directly after graduation to be exact. As you know, Damon’s been on the LA movement for some time, and as 50% of Shut Up and Go, it’s obvious that fingers started getting pointed my way to move as well. I didn’t let that make my decision though, the decision came to me on the morning of the grand commute race detailed above.

If it’s one thing I can say about my decision, it’s that you damn sure know when you’re unhappy, and that was me for the past six months. If I stayed, I would’ve been a complete hypocrite to my own mantra. I needed to remind myself that you shouldn’t stay anywhere just because you feel safe and comfortable, especially if you’re unhappy. In fact, you should be scared the minute you feel comfortable because that means you’re most likely short-selling your skills. Life’s too short to settle boo boos, don’t forget it.
Did I quit my two jobs?
Was it scary and am I completely taking a risk?
Mmmhmmm honey.
Do I regret taking a leap?
No because no one ever got anywhere by standing still.
And plus, I’m pretty sure that the BuzzFeed quiz I took awhile back saying that I belong in California wasn’t lying to me. Duh, I just have to move now.
So on that note, I’ve been reflecting on the past half-decade of my life here and I’ve come up with a list of 54 things that I’ll miss about this crazy place.

1. All of the people that have become a part of my “forever team”

2. Random encounters on the subway


(random German lady named Mavinga who approached me on the train and said she was my spiritual auntie)

3. Giving tourists directions and feeling great about it

4. Getting in taxis and feeling like a badass after a bad meeting or date


5. The great dating game

6. Always having a way of getting home with subways, über, buses, bikes, or walking

7. Not having to drive anywhere

8. Random free events all over the city

9. Brunch on Sundays


10. Being able to speak any language in one place

11. How being diverse or being surrounded by it is normal

12. Being crazy and getting away with it, because it’s New York

13. Late nights getting $1 pizza

14. The falafel truck, and food trucks in general

15. Getting anything you need at any time of day or night

16. Having private conversations in public because you’ll never see any of those people again

17. Or running into the same person three times in one month just because

18. Laughing at tourists who can’t swipe their metro cards in the first try

19. The unity New Yorkers feel when hating on the MTA


20. Never having to shovel during a snowstorm

21. Seamless.com

22. Being able to go to places like Big Gay Ice Cream or Fat Black Pussy Cat

23. Making fun of tourists who can’t walk without looking up and blocking the entire sidewalk

24. Tanning in Central Park in a bikini even though there’s no water nearby

25. Randomly jamming in the subway because there’s an amazing music performance happening

26. Actually knowing people who perform in Broadway and Off-Broadway shows


27. Knowing that all of your friends are ambitious and came here to make moves

28. Paying $1 for 4 dumplings in Chinatown

29. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, especially at night


30. Feeling like any damn thing is possible

31. Street fairs and holiday markets

32. Taking the Roosevelt Island Tram


33. Laughing at the line to get inside a Trader Joe’s, or Club TJs on a Monday at 6pm

34. The random jobs you can work to make extra cash, for instance, being a personal grocery shopper

35. Giving props to people who raise their kids here and take strollers in the train

36. Never understanding why people need televisions or why you ever had one before you moved


37. Finding someone really special to share all of the greatness of the city with

38. The friends that went through hell and back with you when you were heart broken because of a person or a missed opportunity

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

39. Taking a day trip to Coney Island and realizing how much history is there

40. Avoiding Times Square at all costs

41. Picking your team: East Side vs. West Side and sticking true, I’m a West Sider

42. Looking up and realizing how much was built and created here with man and woman power


43. Having your favorite seat on the train, and your favorite subway line

44. Knowing exactly how you want your Starbucks; iced doppio with two pumps of mocha in a grande cup

45. Getting excited the first time you can fully explain the neighborhoods to an outsider

46. Drinking wine on a rooftop with a view like this


47. You feel like a badass because you can get through the Winter and still be a human in the Spring

48. Wearing black for a week because you didn’t do laundry and no one judging you for it

49. Being happy with sharing a studio apartment or even sharing a room because that’s what you need to do to afford living here

50. Basically lifting weights all day everyday because you’re always carrying bags with work, clothes, a change of shoes, and more work

51. Mastering the art of walking and not complaining that your body hurts

52. Understanding Select Bus Service

53. Thinking going to another borough is worse than taking an international flight, but doing it anyways

54. Being in the center of the universe


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