5 ways you know it's time for change

spring finally decided to join the party in nyc, about damn time. and with spring comes pretty trees, small patches of grass wherever you can find them, outdoor cafes, and a bunch of naked people. spring is my favorite season because if we’re keepin it real, summer makes me sweat way too damn much and frozen curly hair is just not a good look in the winter. fall is another favey, but that’s for a different blog.
the whole point is that spring always brings some kind of change, and it’s up to you to either acknowledge and embrace it, or fight it, which will most definitely give you some mean worry lines. if you’re unsure of when this time for change is lurking around the corner, think about these 5 things.

1. have you been complaining about your job, school, friends, and/or living situation?

it’s time for a lifestyle makeover and you have total control of when to start this. don’t blame anyone else, shoot, you don’t even have to blame yourself. instead of pointing a grubby finger at someone to blame, write down the things that aren’t making you happy and strategize on how to either phase them out or cut it out all together. no one likes being around a whiney baby.

2. do you get frustrated with everything in your wardrobe?

most of the time, when I wear the same exact outfits year after year, I feel frumpy and gross. and coming from a cheap person who hates shopping, that’s really saying something. I realized recently that clothes can carry too many memories from the past, so it’s impossible to be fully happy in a new stage in life. go to a thrift store and pick up someone else’s hand-me-downs that will feel brand new to you, and if you’re trying to make a quick buck, sell those old clothes to get store credit or even cash.

3. do you feel like your body is full of toxins, aka do you have the bg’s (bubble guts) often?

runningthat’s that winter weight just dying to fall off. get your spring time workout regime up and running. I always mark the start of a new season with a good run by water and have that moment of “ok, my problems aren’t actually that bad, and Ima persevere.”

4. have you felt overly committed to friends, family, coworkers, or people in general?

we always want to be around friends, family, and if we’re not physically with them, we’re texting them or talking to them on social media. do yourself a favor and disconnect to reflect on everything that’s changing in your life so you can actually be awake for it. put your phone on airplane mode and just be still somewhere at least once a week or whenever you feel like you’re losing grip from too many notifications.

5. are you telling yourself that you’ll be happy in the future, so it’s worth it to feel like crap now?

this is a tough one to deal with because we’ve all done it. but if we think about it, living for the future makes no sense at all. if you’re living for “next week, next month, next year” when you finally “have enough money, enough time, less crappy friends,” you’re completely wasting the present (cheesy but so damn true). whatever the case may be that’s keeping you in a funk today needs to be changed… today. the future will come eventually, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up on finding your zen in the moment. yep, time for change.

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