5 Ways on How Not to Break the Bank on Vacation in Miami

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Miami binnntttssss!

There were some days where I felt physically ill swiping that card *foreshadow to my demise my last 2 days in Miami*.

7 days and 13 people can mean some days feel like spending sprees, especially when you have enablers and shopaholics in such close quarters. It also meant some days needed to be $20 in Miami.

Just as much as you need a physical detox, so does your card

The beach is always free and Miami architecture was new to me

Worry not, I come to you with the secrets to Miami 5 Tricks to Spring Breaking Cheap

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    In-City Transport

    You have a few options here. If you’re staying in Miami Beach the citywide free trolley system should be your go-to. You also have the option of uber, which is surprisingly cheap considering the amount of road you might need to cover. So, if you’re traveling with a large group or trying to go in-land consider uber as an alternative.

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    Restaurants, Street food, Publix

    We had a grocery haul at the local publix the first day that lasted us the rest of the stay. Meaning we dropped $20 on a weeks’ worth of groceries rather than spend up to $20 a meal at restaurants for a whole week. Groceries covered one meal a day, street food for a majority of the time, with a few splurge meals here and there, totaling to an average of $25 a day or less on food.

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    There are loads of free things to do in Miami, you have: Wynwood, the beach, and museums. But, if you want to dip your toe in some more exciting things check out groupon. There’s a reason Tiffany Haddish repped for them for so long. If you need $15 jet ski sessions or $28 full day spa retreat, then groupon is your girl.

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    Going Out

    Pregame. Pregame. Pregame. Buy alcohol at a liquor store and pregame with your friends. There’s no excuse to be spending $14 on a shot. And if you feel like going out for a drink, be creative, I spent a night out with my friends where we had dinner with $1 drinks. Just make it work and google your way to free drinks.

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    Catch that Viral Infection

    From my personal hellish experience, there’s no other way to save money like coming down with the bug. You have no appetite, no desire to do anything but sleep, and in constant need of medication. It’s truly the biggest money saver. No time for post-travel blues when you’re in your bed crying from congestion. So, avoid feeling like crap and actually enjoy your trip by making sure you take care of yourself and maybe spending that extra $$ on preventative measures.

Owning beach front property should be on everyone's to-do list

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