5 Valentine's Day Items To Gift Yourself The Joy Of Pleasure

Thank goodness we’re done with the holiday season. After all of the gift-giving to others, it’s time to finally gift yourself. More importantly, if you travel often, being on the road can get lonely… especially if the hookups aren’t flowing in like you thought they would. There’s no need to worry though, here are a few items that’ll make every day Valentine’s Day both at home and abroad.

Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant

Keep the products you’re using clean and organic, even in your naughtiest moments. Remember, your body is a temple.

Traveler’s twist: besides moistening up the private bits, lube can be used to moisten up other places too. During your travels, you’re probably walking a TON, which will make your thighs chafe. Next time, put some lube on your inner thighs to prevent unwanted friction. 

Tenga Egg 

Get a silky smooth sensation that leaves you questioning if the chicken or the egg came first.

Traveler’s twist: this toy is rather tiny, which is great for hiding it while going through TSA. 

Silicone Pressure Wave Suction Penguin Stimulator

Let’s face it… after a long day you’ll be feeling exhausted and won’t want to lift a finger. Well, give yourself a day off and allow this suction stimulator to do all (or most) of the work for you.

Traveler’s twist: such a GOOD VIBRATION. But in all honesty, if your lower back is feeling sore and you need a tiny massage, place your new penguin stimulator there to do the work you’d want a travel buddy to do. 



Joyclub Prostate Massager

Explore new places or visit your good ol’ pal with this massager.

Traveler’s twist: this waterproof toy will be your best friend for those steamy moment’s in your hostel’s private shower.

Green Goo Natural Southern Butter, Enhance Stimulating Balm

Give your sensitive bits some extra stimulation with this peppermint-packed balm.

Traveler’s twist: besides peppermint working as an arousal tool, it also has a refreshing property. If your neck or feet are feeling sore, feel free to rub this balm on those places to calm the pain. 

What are your favorite personal toys?

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