5 Side Hustles For That Extra Shmoney

As a soon to be college grad living the broke life it’s normal to have one or two jobs in the back of our pocket—especially if you’re trying to maintain the Shut Up and Go lifestyle. You might not be making six figures, but you learn to be creative.

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    Monetize your skills

    A lot of people around me (myself included) have made it a habit to make a business out of our talents. Were you born to make people dance? DJ college parties on the weekends. Are you a Picasso with hair? Whip out those fingers of yours and come clips to help.

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    Sell old clothes

    This doesn’t really make you a ton of cash, but it’s a great way to refurbish your closet without permanently crippling your credit score. It’s always better to exchange for store credit since the store is more likely to give you more money that way, but if you can’t find anything cute, just take the cash and buy yourself that $5 coffee without the guilt.

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    Good ol’ craigslist

    Not promoting doing odd jobs for strangers, unless you’re about living that reckless life. But, craigslist is a great resource to a legit job. Big name brands often post job openings on craigslist. Just filter what you want and find that events catering or book editing job you’ve been looking for.

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    Research studies

    I will admit there’s a lot painful history regarding medical research—especially on people of color. On top of that, there’s the big debate on the ethics of offering giant lumps of cash in exchange for medical research that disproportionately targets the economically disadvantaged and young students. But the cash is real, and as long as you are well informed and ask a lot of questions this is a great way to make some serious cash. So go cash your checks sis, you won’t always find a way to make $1000 over a period of 2 weeks as a student. So, if you’re lucky enough to live in a college or healthcare heavy town take advantage and look for university and hospital lead research studies.

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    Hunting for signs

    This requires some groundwork, but it never hurts to keep a look at for help wanted signs around where you live. It’s a great way to find something within a reasonable distance to you, plus if the manager knows you’re close by you have a better chance of getting the job. That’s how I got my job at a pizza joint which helped finance my month-long hop-scotch across three continents.

Don’t let people use your gifts for free.

What are some creative ways you’ve made some extra cash?

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