5 Remote Jobs You Can Work While You Shut Up and Stay Home

Remote jobs – this is a hot topic within our community and especially in our new INSIDER program!

Whether you’re trying to find a job that will bring extra cash or you’re looking for something full-time, there is a remote job out there to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Here’s a list of 5 jobs you can work remotely:



This role is perfect if you’ve never had a remote job before! All you have to do for this role is listen to an audio and type what you hear – that’s it! It’s a great way to get some extra cash.

Check out these websites for transcriber jobs:

  •  Rev –  Whether you’re looking to transcribe business, legal, or personal documents. Rev has gigs for you!
  • Transcribeme –  Their site states that they’re one of the “best transcription companies.” Oh, okay – we see you!



Got your Bachelor’s Degree and a background in teaching? Become an English Teacher remotely with these sites:

  •  VIPKID – One of the most popular teaching sites… you’ll probably see it on most “Remote Job” lists, but that must be a good thing then! With VIPKID, you can teach elementary school students in China online.
  • LANDI  – A company that boasts “everyone can teach English NOW.” They weren’t playing any games with the “NOW.”


Virtual assistant is such a cool topic, because it truly shows that almost any job can be done from home with a laptop and internet connection.

-Accounting and bookkeeping
-Admin and organization
-Scheduling and planning
-social media posting and management

Websites to check to find this type of role:

  • Jooble – A search engine that filters all major job boards and career sites across the world and helps you to find just the right one for you!
  • Belay – “You just found the job you never thought existed,” their site says. Oooo – okay now!
  • Fiverr –  A  freelance HUB with every sort of posting you can think of.
  • Upwork – A go-to community with thousands of jobs postings for freelancers from all disciplines.


Do you have experience with graphic design and are looking to make more cash?
Here are some amazing websites to connect with potential clients!

  • 99 Designs – They already have 98 designers, and now they’re just looking for the 99th (you)!
  • Working Not Working – This one is cool because they boast that they are where “the world’s most innovative companies hire creative talent.” MHM – that’s YOU… you’re the talent. Go get your job!
  • Freelancer.com – The title is pretty self-explanatory, which is great because the site gets straight to business! No pun intended.
  • Upwork – We loved this one so much, we had to put it on the list again!


If you don’t have formal experience with social media marketing, sometimes having an engaging and well-designed Instagram (or any platform) of your own can help. SHOOT YOUR SHOT!

Here are some great websites to get a social media marketing role!
-Hubstaff – A super resourceful site, and they even have a cool app!
-Upwork – We know what you’re thinking, “Oh this one again!” But we swear, this site has everything.
We Work Remotely – Even their title is letting you know that this is THE spot to go if you want to work remotely.
-Remote – Giving the same vibes as above ^ but more straight to the point.

There are TONS of free resources for you to rack up on those remote skills. Check out Udemy or Youtube for free resources like coding, becoming a virtual assistant in 90 days or graphic design!

And if you want in-depth info on finding remote jobs, don’t forget to check out Shut Up and Go’s No Bullsh!t Guide to Finding Digital Work and our INSIDER program!

Happy job searching,


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