5 Movies and TV Series I Watch to Pretend I Am Abroad

This post was contributed by Lynn Chen.

It’s funny how only two months ago I was still on my first solo-travel trip around Europe, 15000 kilometres away from home, purely ignorant of all the pandemonium that’s happening right now. Although sometimes I do feel like a battery hen in this quarantine period, it hasn’t stopped my travelling spirit. If you watch enough movies and shows, you might just escape your day-to-day reality through your imagination – just like I am. So, here are my top 5 films and TV-series that really make me forget that I’ve been in the same house for the past month. 


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! 

The sequel to “Mamma Mia” is everything I want from a movie: sunny Mediterranean islands, passionate foreign romances and singing ABBA to profess that love. We follow young postgrad Donna as she goes to a tiny island in Greece to find her destiny, meeting her three summer loves along the way. The first time I was watched the movie, I left the cinema feeling inspired. Inspired to stay true to my path, even when it’s not “conventional” or planned out to a T. It definitely ticks all those daydreams of leaving normal life and moving to foreign country never to return.  

Murder on the Orient Express 

If you’re in the mood for something fancy-schmancy, old-money European with a dash of mystery, this is the one. The movie is an adaptation of the famous book-series, so you know the storyline’s gonna be good. Detective Poirot sets sail off the docks of Beirut, takes us through the bustling street-markets and steaming mosaic cafes in Istanbul and the plot takes a thick and murderous turn when we’re travelling through the Swiss Alps in the first-class carriage of the Orient Express. All aboard the murder mystery. 


Crazy Rich Asians

Finally, a Hollywood movie with a positive representation of Asia. It’s set in Singapore as Rachel Chu, a middle-class Chinese-American, steps into the high society of Asia. The movie takes you to bustling streets of the Singaporean city, houses with grand oriental architecture and tropic islands surrounded by clear blue water that might just make you book a one-way flight to Singapore. Amid the recent overwhelming and almost entirely unjustified criticism of the Chinese community, this is a good movie to tune that out and appreciate a bit of Asian culture. It even has translated pieces of Mandarin-Chinese dialogue, so go ahead and practise your Chinese!


This Norwegian TV-series was the first non-English show I watched and it’s pretty special to me as it lighted my traveller’s spirit. In each season, we follow high-schoolers in Oslo as they go through the growing pains of their teenage years; young romances, sexuality, mental health. Not only does it send a good message on those topics, we see Oslo through the eyes of a local and since there’s a lot of English subtitling for SKAM online, Norwegian might just be your next language goal. Or maybe French, Dutch or Spanish since SKAM has been adapted in different countries.


Killing Eve

I’ve saved the best for last. Eve Polastri, a London-based detective played by none other than Sandra Oh, is tasked to capture an alluring assassin named Villanelle (who speaks more five languages!). But here’s the juicy bit. As Eve travels all around Europe to find Villanelle, both of them slowly fall in love with each other – how scandalous. This murder-comedy series takes you winter-cold Moscow, vibrant Vienna, dreamy Paris and many other country capitals. But watch out, because you might find yourself getting attached to Villanelle with her dark, dry humour. 

So why not escape the house you’ve probably been cooped up in and into an episode of these TV-series or a full movie? 


Meet Lynn: Lynn is a not-so-average, twenty-year old Aussie. Although she’s currently living in Sydney to study creative writing, she dreams of moving abroad to a country with cold, moody weather. Keep up with her on IG. 




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