3 Ways to Make the Airport Bearable

Finally that trip is finally here. Or that move you’ve been planning for months. Or maybe you’re returning home after all your travels. But before you get to your final destination, you have to make it through the airport. A nightmare? Not necessarily! Try these three tips on for size:

3. Avoid the checked bag if you can. You honestly need far less than you think, and the place you’re going probably has a laundromat if you’ll be there for awhile. Having less stuff means you literally aren’t as weighed down. And best of all? You can avoid both having to wait in line to hand over your hard shell, AND the wait at your destination for your suitcase to come through the baggage claim, uncomfortably wet and slightly bruised.

2. Stay ready in security. You already know you shouldn’t have that water. Of course the laptop needs to come out of the bag. And yup, shoes off too. If you can, wear slides or some other footwear that will allow for easy removal. You don’t want to be that person hastily re-lacing your combat boots as the carousel backs up gray trays on your property. Pack your electronics so you can slide them in and out, and bring your empty reusable bottle and simply have one of the many fast food places fill it up with some (hopefully) free water.

Another airport successfully survived.

1. Remember why you’re in the airport in the first place. You’re about to travel somewhere! Maybe somewhere new, maybe returning back home. In any case, you’re about to take part in the miracle of flight for another chapter in the story of your life. Sounds pretty blessed to me.

How many times have you had to throw away water in the security line even though you should have known better?

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