3 NYC Bookstores That Aren't Barnes & Noble


I know it’s odd for someone like me, who gets about halfway through a book before deciding it’s not for me, to write an entire post on my favorite bookstores in New York City, but truth is, I’m a sucker for bookstores. Maybe because when you live in New York, you spend a lot of idle time on the subway or waiting in line to get into Trader Joe’s for example, and you’re always carrying a book to pass the time. Nonetheless, if you’re all about independent bookstores, check out these three:

Strand Bookstore

 (828 Broadway)


THE classic New York City bookshop. It’s the one bookstore every New Yorker knows, and the one we especially know because we are always checking out the $1 books that surround the exterior of the store.

Unlike many bookstores, STRAND actually has personality. Instead of being lost in a sea of authors’ last names, STRAND divides books up into their quirky book categories.

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Idlewild Books

(12 West 19th Street)

idlewild bookstoreidlewild booksidlewild bookstore

Idlewild Books is the God of travel and language bookstores, because actually, that’s all they sell. Books are divided up by country, and from what I’ve seen, they only choose the most modern or the best-selling books (I’m ok wit it). I personally come here to buy books about French, books to learn French, and books in French. It’s convenient for that matter.

Posman Books

(Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue)

Chelsea Market Bookstore

posman books Posman Books Chelsea Market

I just discovered this bookstore while strolling through Chelsea Market one day to get to the High Line. If you’re looking for New York-related posters, knick-knacks, thank you cards, or anything related to the kind, this is your place. Personally, I bought a few NYC posters here for $3.95 each; I’m still trying to figure out if that’s how much a normal poster costs.

What other NYC bookstores are worth visiting?

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