3 Must-Visit Cafés in Bucharest


This post was contributed by Sophie Jacoba den Hartog

Just like so many fellow travellers, I rely heavily on coffee to combat my jetlag and keep my body going on long days of exploration. Whenever I’m in a new city, I always find myself drawn to its café scene. Partly because I probably have a slight caffeine addiction. But also, because I think cafes are some of the best places to get a feel for whatever city you’re in and what the people there are like.

One of my favourite cities to explore is Bucharest. The places once filled with only museums and historical sites are now filled with newer cafes, shops, and nightlife hotspots. Whether you like modern or traditional, classic or quirky, busy or calm, you will find a place you love in Bucharest. So here are three of my personal favourite cafés.

The three couldn’t be any more different from each other, but they all have one important thing in common: they’re gonna give you your caffeine fix!

Dianei 4

From the outside, “Dianei 4” looks like any other café in Bucharest. Simply walk in through an old gate to find a terrace next to an old, rundown, but still elegant building. Only once you’ve stepped inside will you see how unique and quirky this café really is. I mean, like, super quirky with yellow glowing lights, faded carpets, and paint peeling off the walls – this café is the very definition of rustic.

And the best part? It’s still undiscovered by hipsters and tourists meaning it’s relatively calm during the week. (a huge plus)

During the weekends though, they host a ton of events that provide great opportunities to get to know some locals. So, yep, go party with the local Romanian folks!

They have a very wide menu so whether you’re after brunch with a speciality coffee or after dinner and a drink from the bar, this is the place. So far, it’s the only place I’ve ever found to serve “coffee-lemonade” (told you it’s a quirky place). This refreshing drink’s taste lands somewhere between coffee, lemonade, and fruity teas.  It’s one of my personal faves. So, if you’re a real coffee-fanatic or just feeling experimental, definitely give it a try!

Address: Strada Dianei 4, Bucharest 030167

French Revolution

This colourful café is giving Parisian bakeries a run for their money. They specialize in the popular French pastry éclairs but put their own modern, Romanian spin on them by inventing new flavours. These flavours, such as basil and lime, red velvet and black cherry forest cake, make the food as bright and colourful as the café’s décor. And you know their stuff is good because they’ve already opened three new locations due to their popularity with locals and tourists (#WINNING). Along with a choice of almost twenty éclair flavours, you can also order delicious coffees and lemonades. Either have them in the café, on the terrace or take them home as a treat for later.


Bulevardul Aviatorilor 8A, Bucharest 011852

Strada Esarcu Constantin Nr. 1, Bucharest 010291

Gheorghe Stalpeanu Street, 10, Bucharest 012074


A place that serves coffee AND cocktails? Alright, now that’s my kinda place! It’s slapped right in the middle of the old city centre, so this makes it easy to find. Oh, and that means it’s always buzzing with people.

And if you’ve had enough coffee for the day, fear not, you can stick around for cocktails! At eight o’clock on the dot, the vibe changes completely. The coffee machine is turned off, the lights dimmed and the music turned up. With a no laptop policy, you’re encouraged to socialize. But if you’re stumped for entertainment you can always watch the baristas making their extravagant cocktails.

Address: Strada Lipscani 9, Bucharest 050971


Coffee. Coffee. Coffee – gotta love it! These are three of my favorite spots so far. But honestly, I’m considering coming back to Bucharest just to try others! 

Comment below with your favorite cafés around the world.

Meet Sophie: Just a caffeine-fuelled travel fanatic trying to see as many places as possible, for as little money as possible. Travel pet-peeve: Being convinced I’ll never learn to understand a word of airplane announcements, no matter how hard I try. Keep up with her on IG.

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