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25 Quintessential Study Abroad Moments You'll Experience in Paris


Ahhh, a semester in Paris – as cliché as it gets for the American studying abroad, but also cliché for a good reason. Look up any Best Places to Study Abroad list on Google and you’re bound to find Paris in the top 5. Scratch that – top 3. Here are the 25 quintessential study abroad moments you’ll experience in Paris – if you didn’t, you didn’t do it right.

It’s Thursday night and you’ve ended up at Café Oz, Mixclub, Rue de la Roquette, or at Concorde Atlantique for an Erasmus night


You think you’re cute for going to a museum on the first Sunday of the month cuz it’s free, when you can actually go any day since you’re not only a student, but also under 26

All your paper will look like this


Your diet consists of jambon beurres and Orangina from CROUS

You’ll go to the American Church and/or scour the FUSAC classifieds for English babysitting gigs only to see everyone and their mom doing the same thing

IMG_5283 copy

You made your Photomaton picture your Facebook profile photo


You never have class because every week there is some sort of holiday you’ve never heard of

You spend your free time at Cité Universitaire because you have a friend living there

You mumble “attention à la marche en descendant du train” in your sleep


You’re pissed because you’re already four months in and still haven’t made one good French friend

You’re both admired and despised after saying you’re American

Every day of your time abroad looks like this

paris tops

Your American university doesn’t understand the concept of ECTS

You’re a Sophomore of Junior and don’t know if you should be taking L2 or L3 classes

You start to crave ¢0,40 mochaccinos from your university vending machine


You’ve left a note on the bulletin board on the second floor of Shakespeare & Company

You buy the cheapest bottom shelf wine from Leader Price and it’s still better than wine back homecheapwine

You start studying by the Seine, people-watching by the Seine, drinking by the Seine, going to meet ups by the Seine, doing everything by the SeineIMG_4772 copyYou’ve gotten drunk on Rue Mouffetard

You’re the only one in the club knowing all the lyrics to the songs and you’re that American to make sure everyone knows you know

You live in a 100 square foot apartment in a seven floor walkup without a bathroom or shower…and somehow you’re okay with it because you’re “in Paris”


You buy €0,20 books from Gibert Jeune because they’re €0,20 just to find out your French isn’t that good yet

You’ve gone to a Babyspeaking recruitment event for the wine and cheese, but never actually accept the position

Your friends are jealous because your Instagram look like this…

IMG_5388 copy

or this…


or this…


…but little do they know you’re really stepping in dog poop and breathing second-hand smoke all day

Even after your semester is over, you’ll still be amazed


 Comment below! Have you ever studied abroad in Paris? What moments were just so Paris that it hurt?

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