25 Photos From My iPhone: Portugal


Ask me again why we have a Canon Rebel T5i, Canon G7X, Canon G7X Mark II, and use none of them for photography? While you’re at it, ask me why the 99% of the photos we take with our iPhones never make it to the internet? Is it because we like to curate our content? No, it’s because our data management skills need a major overhaul. I literally just updated my Mac yesterday so I finally have AirDrop. Welcome to 2017.
But you probably get it. Who wants to lug around massive camera gear when you’re exploring the burnt orange streets of Porto or the vineyards of Portugal countryside? Pit stains and red shoulder marks from hauling around gear aren’t helping anyone’s portrait photo. The more I travel and try to force myself to use professional equipment, the more I feel like the gear is actually what gets in the way of capturing the moment. For now, we’ll stick to our decent iPhone 6s and commit to a camera roll of over 5,000 photos.
Enjoy Portugal, through the lens of our iPhones.

Who can relate?

To watch more of our trip to Porto, Portugal:

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