24 Realities About Being 24

This Friday, I turned 24; what some might like to call one of the blandest ages to be. I see it as a beautiful time in your life where you’re finally an adult and there’s no denying it. This isn’t 20 when you’re barely legal, or 21 when you just learned what Cabernet was. It’s not 22 when you got your dream job (or what you thought was your dream job), or 23 when you quit that job to find something better. It’s freakin’ 24, the age where you did all of the above and more. So to celebrate my new age, and all the 24 year old ’91, ’92 babies out there, here’s a list of 24 realities about being 24.

  1. You not only realize, but you act on how important it is to spend time with your family; being 24 means that your parents, and grandparents are getting older as well. Yeah, it’s awesome traveling the world, but coming home and being with family is also timely.
  2. You’ve reached a “zero effs given” mentality. Wanna pierce your cartilage? Do it. Want to shave your head? Do it. Want to leave and backpack the world for six months. BYE.
  3. You begin phrases with “I’m too old to be…” as a reason to stop yourself from doing things you don’t want to do. 20-23 was like your “twenties-training,” 24 makes you feel like you’re almost 25, which means you’re almost 30, so cut the crap.
  4. You splurge on buying yourself more gadgets than you ever have, because you’re 24 and you feel like a grown a$$ adult. Want that Macbook? Put it on your credit card (while cringing), and know you’ll find a way to pay for what you really want.
  5. You contemplate deleting one or all social media accounts at least once a month, because you’re 24 so why the hell do you care about how many likes, or comments you got? But you’ll suffer from FOMO, so you decide to keep them all instead, and keep complaining.
  6. You’re probably on to your second job by now, and feel like a seasoned veteran in your workplace, who knew all that quick typing on AIM would come in handy years down the line?
  7. You’ve just now started to realize the value for your skills, and have less anxiety when asking for raises, more time off, and aspire to have an overall better work-life balance.
  8. You completely fit in with the older people in the room at social gatherings. Hell, you’re probably the oldest one there.
  9. Birthdays become less about presents, more about people in the present.
  10. After having 24 years worth of crappy people sprinkle their ish in your life, you really appreciate a good friend when you meet one.friends-in-nyc
  11. Food is almost as good as sex, naps are orgasmic, and sleeping in is heaven. But you barely have time for any of those because you’re 24.
  12. Committing to being in a relationship with someone is an actual grown up commitment now, which scares the hell out of you. You’re focused on yourself, so promising that you’ll focus on someone else in this stage of your life is a big deal. To keep it brief; the puppy love days are over.
  13. Remember when you used to gel your hair, wear Baby Phat jeans, and light up sneakers? So glad you don’t anymore.
  14. Your love and connection to music has grown by now and you have some classics from childhood that hit you so hard you might even catch yourself shedding a tear; none of this Fetty Wap garbage will ever do that to a person.
  15. You’ve probably found yourself going through stages of introversion, then extroversion, and you might be on your introversion wave length again. Hanging out with big groups of people exhausts you, but you find yourself doing it anyways.home-cooked-meal
  16. You appreciate an intricate and well displayed home cooked meal like it was The Last Supper.
  17. You finally know exactly what you want to order at the bar, none of this “I don’t know, what do you think I should get?” to the bartender.
  18. You’re noticing changes in your body and might even realize that we need these bad boys to carry us through life; nutrition, exercise and skin care actually become priority.
  19. You wonder how your parents had you around your current age and think; I could NEVER have a child right now.
  20. You’re less stressed about spending money on experiences; they’re worth every penny to you.
  21. You know your “Drink Number,” and rarely cross it, which leaves you babysitting drunk friends rather than getting babysat. Amen to this one. Plus, let’s not forget that you know how terrible it is to be hungover and probably think twice before raging. Your body just ain’t what it used to be.drink-limit
  22. You have your vice and you might not be willing to give it up; too much coffee, too much Netflix, too much FaceTime, too much chocolate, too going out; you don’t care, cause you’re grown and you can do whatever you want.
  23. You’re 90% clear on your personality and moral compass. The reason why you’re not 100% clear is because by now you’ve recognized that things change, and so do you, and it’s ok.zero-effs-given
  24. By now, you’re completely aware that you can’t change people, so there’s no time like the present to invest in yourself. Cheers to 24.

Comment below if I missed any realities about being 24!

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