2017 Travel Wish List

2017 Resolution: see more of the world. Is that even possible? It is very possible. It is very probable. It is 100% going to happen. Last year, I wrote my 2016 Travel Wish List and surprised myself when I knocked them off all by mid-summer. This year’s list is heftier, geographically farther, and culturally farther than any other Travel Wish List I’ve made (ok, I’ve officially made two, but that’s not to say I haven’t had these lists in my mind throughout my first few years on the road!). It’s time to take the traveler training wheels off, and hit up some places I don’t know much about – firstly, because I haven’t done my fair share of research and secondly, because I haven’t met many people who have visited these locations.
My 2017 Travel Wish List goes a little something like this:

Somewhere in Africa

This is where I need everyone’s help. 2017 is the year I make it to the continent of Africa. To some country where I can experience the villages and African life that we all see in documentaries, and then also to some country where I can experience the other side of Africa that we don’t see in documentaries – the Africa that’s like, um no, we have businesses, and nightclubs, and city-like culture. Maybe I go to French-speaking Africa? English-speaking? Maybe I pick up some Afrikaans? See why I need your help here?

Cross-Country Road Trip

I won’t be happy until it’s New York to Los Angeles…in a red jeep. That’s the image I’ve created in my head and it just won’t quit. In a way, it’s my personal vision board that WILL happen this year. I want the long road in front of me, slightly weird motels, a twerk-worthy hip-hop playlist, and a nice butt cushion. I want it all! Let’s make this happen.
35mm road trip
35mm Road Trip
35 mm Road Trip Gonzalo


Tropical beaches, lush greenery, turquoise water, a distinct Hawaiian culture, and getting lei’d – who wouldn’t want to travel to Hawaii? Remember Tito from Rocket Power, Lilo & Stitch, Moana – I need to meet real people like these fictional cartoon characters.

Buenos Aires

After reading the book What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding, I instantly added Buenos Aires to my list. Anyone who describes their stories, especially romantic ones, in a foreign city, pretty much seals the deal for me. Romance adds mystery to a city, and if one thing’s for sure, it’s that I have a passionate love affair with the city of Paris, which may be a great advantage to me visiting Buenos Aires – a city that, for years, has been explained to me as the Paris of South America. So will I fall madly in love with Argentina as well? Vamos a ver. We’ll see about that!


Shanghai shot to the top of my 2017 Travel Wish List when I found out that one of my favorite movies, HER, was not entirely filmed in Downtown Los Angeles, but mostly in Shanghai. Now, after watching the movie a few times, I’m like…duh…these wide-angle cityscape shots are clearly not using Los Angeles as the backdrop. We got smog, but we ain’t got that much smog. As we know, China and I did not get along in 2016 [That Time I Lost My Passport in the Airport], but setting aside their silly Wi-Fi machines that require you inserting your passport to retrieve a Wi-Fi code, the Chinese airport I visited was impressive. It was futuristic. It was clean. Now, I’m curious to see how this compares to the real Shanghai.

Which countries are on your 2017 Travel Wish List?

Any recommendations for me?

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