14 Global Black LGBTQ+ Movies to Watch

It’s Pride Month, and Black lives still (and always will) matter. What better way to explore this intersectionality than to watch Black LGBTQ+ movies from around the world? In a recent YouTube video, I discussed and showed trailers to five of these films, but here’s a list of over a dozen that you NEED to watch.

Play The Devil (Photograph: Variety)

Play The Devil (Trinidad)

Gregory is a young, talented photographer and medical student from a working-class background. He meets James (a wealthy businessman) who takes interest in him. The story soon follows how their friendship and partnership develops despite them being polar opposites with an age-gap. In the same breath, the film raises a few questions about the abuse of power and boundaries. One beautiful Carnaval evening, tragedy strikes and changes both of their lives towards the end of the film.

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Bixa Travesty (Brazil)

A political f*ck you film to heteronormativity, racism, and all other post-colonial bullshit, beautifully performed by transgender, Brazilian singer and artist Linn da Quebrada.

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Tangerine  (USA)

Sin-Dee gets home from prison to find out that Chester (her lover) is seeing other people. Sin-Dee wreaks havoc on Los Angeles to confront Chester and his girlfriend. While Sin-Dee is doing the most, her friend Alexandria is pursuing her music career.

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Holiday Heart (Photograph: IMDb)

Being 17 (Quand on a 17 ans) (France)

A messy bully-and-victim situation turns into a sexual awakening for two teens as Damian’s family takes Thomas in, due to his mother’s recent sickness.

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Holiday Heart (USA)

Drag performer Holiday is set to take a trip to Paris. Right before her trip, she takes in a mother and her daughter who are hiding from the mother’s abusive boyfriend. Over time, the mother develops a substance abuse issue, and Holiday decides to take care of the daughter.

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The Skinny (Photograph: Windy City Media Group)

Moonlight (USA)

A literal coming-of-age film that shows three chapters of a black boy’s life and journey in Miami.

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Rag Tag (UK)

Two friends, separated as children, finally reunite. With this reunification comes intense feelings and drama from within and from the outside.

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Rafiki (Photograph: Courtesy Big World Cinema)

Pariah (USA)

A “pariah” is a person without status or a rejected member of society. This film follows a super talented, young writer who is learning more about herself. She eventually develops a crush on another classmate, and they become intimate. While she’s learning more about herself, her Dad is extremely understanding, whereas her mother is pressuring her to reveal (and change) her identity.

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Rafiki (Kenya)

Ziki and Kena are classmates in Nairobi who become romantically interested in each other. Their friends and parents begin to catch on to their secret relationship, which prompts them to run away. They eventually get arrested and separated (as one gets sent to live in London), but that does not stop the love they have for each other.

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Socrates (Brazil)

Set in São Paulo, Socrates’ mother suddenly dies. Since he doesn’t have much family, he is left to fend for himself. While dealing with the recent traumatic event, he also realizes he is developing feelings for a boy.

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To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (USA)

Two seasoned New York City drag queens are set to participate in a drag competition across the country. As they are preparing to leave, they stumble upon a queen who is new to the craft. They take her under their wing, trade in their plane tickets to rent a car,  and hit the road for the trip of a lifetime, baby. Oh, and let’s just say their car breaks down in a rural town in the middle of the country.

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The Skinny (USA)

A group of queer college buddies meetup for a messy yet insightful Pride weekend!

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The Wound (Photograph: Pecadillo Pictures)

Inxeba “The Wound” (South Africa)

Every year, two forbidden lovers reconnect during a rite of passage ceremony for men in the South African Xhosha community.

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Noah’s Arc Jumping the Broom (USA)

After the pits and triumphs during the two seasons of the Noah’s Arc television series, Jumping The Broom is the “finale” that we all wanted and needed. Set at Martha’s Vineyard, the film tackles the last few days of pre-marital life for Noah and Wade (and all of the drama that comes with their friends).

This movie is almost impossible to find online, but you can purchase the good ol’ fashioned DVD here.

Do you have other favorites that I didn’t share? Make sure to leave them in the comment section.


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