11 Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Lose 10 pounds! Stop drinking! Quit smoking! How cliché, and let’s be real, unsuccessful. If you want to get in on the New Year’s Resolution buzz, but also want something attainable, here are 11 realistic New Year’s Resolutions for you to try out in 2016! I think I’ll do all eleven.

Make your life more comfortable

Options include: not feeling guilty for Netflix nights, not feeling guilty for ahem, Netflix and Chill nights, upgrading your bedding so you get a better night’s sleep, downloading a sleep tracker app, buying a Muji Mist Diffuser, or investing in luxury soaps all with the goal of making your 2016 life more comfortable.

Clean your life up

That messy desktop. All those papers on your nightstand. The mail on your kitchen countertop. The unwanted emails you’re subscribed to. Make it a point to get your inbox to 0. Clean life, clean mind. Keeping your organization game at 100 gives you more time day-to-day to focus on things that really matter instead of being bogged down by the unnecessary clutter.

Be an explorer

C’mon, what did you expect over here on the Shut Up and Go blog? You never know what you may find if you go for a walk around your neighborhood, or take a drive with the sole purpose of exploring. Maybe you start making it a regular part of your lifestyle to try a new restaurant or check out a neighboring city. After all, all of your favorite places were once firsts.

Be more of a people-person

Spark conversations with strangers. Ask cashiers how their day is going. Couchsurf. Go to a Meetup. Say hey. Start being more of a “Yes” man or woman when your friends ask you if you want to go do something. When you’re more outgoing, more things start to happen for you, and isn’t that what life, especially our youth, is all about?

Capture more of your life on film

If you’re anything like me, you have 3000 photos clogging up your iPhone, and while some of them may reflect your best moments of 2015, more often than not, you simply forget they even happened – hence why you still have 3000 photos taking up all the space on your phone. It’s just like, what do you even do with them once you put them on Instagram? Invest in a polaroid or a disposable camera, and develop them at a local camera store. Get the prints and have tangible reminders that life isn’t so fleeting. Capture candid moments on your disposable camera and you’ll be looking forward to receiving your prints.

Invest in your home

How many times have I wished my apartment looked like the ones on HGTV? This year, instead of spending $40 on a new pair of jeans every few months, why not invest it in some home décor? That way, your apartment feels like something you want to show off, and somewhere that you feel good, and truly “at home.”

Up your musical game

Invest in Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music. Finally learn the lyrics to your favorite songs. Actively search for new artists. Become well-versed in music video culture. Yeah TRL no longer exists, but there are people like my best friend Dominique who know every music video there is.

Pick up the pencil

Keep a diary. Write down something funny that happens every day. Email yourself a FutureMe. Start becoming a postcard writer when you travel. Although it may seem a bit uninspiring or boring at first, keeping track of what’s happening in your life is the perfect way to remind yourself how well, or not so well it’s actually going. Give yourself something to show for the year.

Be more of a kid

No longer let the excuse of “I’m too grown up for that” hold you back from doing things you might actually enjoy. Go swinging in the park. Buy a coloring book and watch the pages come to life. Dance around your apartment in your underwear. Spend every weeknight after dinner watching Spongebob. Forget about society’s “rules” and do what you want.

Show some love

Make it more of a point in your day to shower people with compliments, or to write thank you notes to show your appreciation. Maybe this is the year to suck up your pride and forgive others for how poorly they’ve treated you. Let it all go. Make 2016 the year #LoveWins.

Get out of the house

Watch a movie at home or watch a movie at a theater? While you can save some money by sitting at home and renting a movie from Redbox, there’s something that feels extra good about being out of the house. And it’s not just about watching movies, it’s about going out to eat at restaurants, having a drink after work at the bar, reading your favorite book in a coffee shop – it could be anything. Make 2016 the year you GTFO.

What is your realistic New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

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